Patanegra (Spanish restaurant)

Patanegra (Spanish restaurant)


What a delightful, hidden restaurant off the beaten path of NW 23rd! It was a bit tricky to find since it’s not actually on NW 23rd Avenue, but rather NW 23rd Place.  Pata Negra apparently stands for Iberico ham.  Check out this slide show of the Pata Negra (black pigs) as well as the restaurant and food served there.  We were seated at the nice, cozy table pictured in the slide show by the window.  Check out their dinner menu.  This link to the wine list provides a map of Spain and the various regions.  I only drank by the glass which is listed by clicking on the tab “by the glass” on the far right.

Open kitchen at the back


Well stocked bar to the side


We passed on the paella this visit and indulged in tapas to try a variety of their dishes. I started out with gazpacho and a glass of mencia (red wine from the Bierzo region). The gazpacho was absolutely refreshing given the warm day with a nice bite at the end.


My husband started out with the classic tortilla espanola. It was delicious and perfectly prepared.

tortilla espanola

I then had the rollitos de berenjena (grilled eggplant). (pictured on the back right)  I recall an amazing deep fried Aubergine when in Spain 2 years ago, but this was not quite the same. I wasn’t a fan of the fuzz that was like eating a peach.


The grilled asparagus was simple, but delicious!


My husband ordered the filete de ternera (grilled beefsteak and fingerlings). The steak melted in your mouth and the fingerlings had great flavor.


I then finished up with the pan con tomate, jamon y queso (bread with Serrano ham (from Spain) with manchego cheese).  (pictured on the front left)  This was delicious with a glass of monastrell (red from the Alicante and Jumilla regions).


The service was impeccable and we’ll definitely return again!