Holiday cranberry sauce

Happy holiday season!  I decided this year to make something a bit more natural than canned cranberry sauce so I tried the Holiday Cranberry Sauce from Alaska from Scratch.  It seemed simple enough and I thought I had most of the ingredients at home, but be careful as a couple of them weren’t what I was initially thinking they were so I had to adjust on the fly.

Apple cider syrup or pure maple syrup
Crystallized ginger

Notice from this photo of my ingredients that I erroneously thought cider vinegar and fresh ginger were called for in the recipe and it’s actually apple cider syrup (or maple) and crystallized ginger both of which I fortunately had. 🙂


First, pour the fresh cranberries into your saucepan.


Then, zest and juice 1 large orange.

orange zest and juice

Next, mince your crystalized ginger.

crystallized ginger

Finally, add the orange zest and juice, crystallized ginger, syrup, and salt to the saucepan of cranberries and simmer on medium heat.  Add sugar as needed for your desired sweetness.

cranberries with sauce

Store it in the fridge to thicken until you’re ready to serve it.  It’s beautifully simple for the holidays.

holiday cranberry sauce

Another more complex Cranberry Chutney recipe from Alaska from Scratch looks worthy of trying next year.   You may be interested in checking it out as well.  Bon appetite…