Trying out blueberry smoothies!

Trying out blueberry smoothies!

I am experimenting with smoothie recipes to find just what I like.  I tend to like smoothies on the “icier” side (i.e. ice) rather than the “creamier” side (i.e. yogurt).  I do like a lot of smoothies from Jamba Juice-particularly those with sherbet rather than yogurt.  The “Pomegranate pick me up” is my recent favorite.  According to the Jamba Juice website, it contains the following ingredients:  pomegranate juice blend, mixed berry juice blend, strawberries, raspberry sherbet (contains milk), blueberries, and ice.

Smoothie #1:  Antioxidant smoothie

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of this smoothie, but there is one at the recipe link.

Link to recipe

Smoothie #2: Blueberry-flax smoothie


Link to recipe

Adjustments to the recipe:

I didn’t have a banana so just left it out.

I substituted blue agave instead of honey.

I found this one to be thicker with the yogurt.

The recipe serves 2 and cut in ½ without the banana was only a ½ glass.

Smoothie #3:  Blueberry and green tea smoothie


Link to recipe

I used a 20 fluid ounce bottle of Sobe green tea from the market and 2 cups was almost the entire bottle.

I popped it all in the blender before carefully reading the directions and didn’t freeze the blueberries and green tea into ice cubes.  I don’t own ice cubes trays any longer anyway, so I just added 14 ice cubes from the freezer into my blender mix.

Unfortunately, within minutes the ice separated from the juice at the top.  I imagine this is why the tea and berries must be frozen together rather than adding ice.  I still like the green tea flavor to this drink.

From these 3 choices, I prefer the simplicity and flavor combination of the 1st one!