First Friday Art Walk/Tommy O’s

First Friday Art Walk/Tommy O’s

My husband and I stumbled upon the First Friday Art Walk after indulging in dinner at Tommy O’s (Hawaiian) in downtown Vancouver.  While we enjoyed our Kahlua Pork, we discovered that we prefer the location in Camas that has a sushi bar and a larger menu selection.  It was lovely live music during dinner, however. 🙂

We only caught a few of the art galleries that were open for the First Friday Art Walk as we wandered around following the “art” signs.

Our favorite was Art on the Boulevard (next to Woody’s Tacos).

I particularly liked the abstract painting entitled “One Wave” pictured on this blog.

I also really liked the watercolor artist Denise McFadden.  My mother-in-law would have loved her bird watercolor paintings.

This one of hers had very distinctive tie-dye-like water patterns on it.

Asian Eye Indian silk “bandhani” scarves

Asian Eye Indian silk “bandhani” scarves

I’ve been on the hunt for more Indian “bandhani” scarves since purchasing the one at the Portland Art Museum (Asian Eye) and the Chinese Garden (Neeru Kumar).  So, I contacted Asian Eye for retailers in the Portland, OR area and was directed to two stores:

Not Too Shabby in Vancouver at 1515 Broadway and Oxalis in Portland at 1824 NW 24th Avenue.  Neither store has a website so I went down to check out their selection.

Not Too Shabby had some gorgeous selections in colors that I don’t wear like red, but they also had an amazingly beautiful larger shawl size that was black and white with a spiral pattern of the tie dyed peaks.


Notice the little peaks of material from this view.


I had shared my color/design preferences when I purchased this shawl/scarf and was added to a list to be called when they obtain new scarves.  I was surprised that they remembered and called me back less than a week later with a couple of new amazing scarves to look at.  It was a challenging decision, but I selected this gorgeous whispy slate grey/blue silk scarf with a spiral bandhani pattern.  I think it’s my very favorite of all of my silk scarves. 🙂


It looks even more beautiful on. 🙂


Oxalis had an extensive array of silk and silk shiffon in quite a range of colors from red to black to turquoise/aqua and blue.  I particularly liked this one with the range in colors from icy blue to medium blue to dark blue and black.


Notice the intricate patterns of peaks that look like stitching since they’re so small.