Music on Main

This is the second year that I’ve enjoyed the Music on Main concerts in the summer.

See prior blog post.

We enjoy the Okropong-Obo Addy Legacy Project They perform traditional music from Ghana, West Africa.

Check out the video below from them:



Burger with Grilled Sweet Potato Fries

For years I’ve eaten limited meat which has resulted in limited flavor and so I’m reintroducing flavor into my life!  I’m also trying to eat mostly healthy, mediterranean style food so it’s been an interesting experiment.

This burger is inspired by Bobby Flay’s Food Network Barbecue Addiction series “Bobby’s Basics.”

There are a variety of simple aspects to this meal that add tremendous flavor such as grilling the bun, the grilled sweet potato fries, and addition of chipotle to the ketchup.

Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction cookbook

Bite of Oregon and Iron Chef Oregon and Tualatin Estate

2014-08-09 19.49.54

This is the first year that I’ve attended the Bite of Oregon.  It was fun to watch the Iron Chef Oregon competition and taste some yummy food and wine.

Congratulations to Chef Travis Taylor of Sunriver Resorts in Bend, OR for the win this year!

There were the usual suspects for wineries with some 20+ wineries, distilleries, and cider houses in the Wine pavilion.  I was particularly impressed with two of them.

First, Crater Lake Spirits from Bend, OR.  The Sweet Ginger Vodka is delicious and will add an interesting twist of flavor to a ginger mule! 🙂

Second, I don’t tend to enjoy sweet wines and so I didn’t expect to enjoy the Tualatin Estate (part of Willamette Valley Vineyards) 2014 Frizzante, however, what an interesting flavor profile.

2014-08-21 17.57.28

Total wine has a Luna d’Or Moscato Frizzante ($10/bottle) from the Veneto region of Italy with the following tasting notes:

Crisp, Orange, Apricot, Light-bodied

Veneto, Italy- The nose is aromatic and intense with a refined taste. It is slightly sweet with fruitful and floral flavors of orange blossom, apricot and peach. It is perfect as an apertif, with sweets or lighter fare.

I plan to explore this wine region and type of wine a bit further.


Bobby Flay Barbecue Addiction “Fish Taco Fiesta”

2014-08-06 21.39.00

I’m continuing to work through some cooking basics from Jamie Oliver and now starting to venture into Bobby Flay recipes from his Food Network TV show “Barbecue Addiction.”  This Food Network Barbecue Addiction Fish Taco Fiesta features citrus and spice from the fish to the slaw to the guacamole and crema sauces.  There is so much flavor with each component of this meal and it’s pretty easy to make!

For simplicity sake, I used a rub that I already had that was close enough-Private Selection “Citrus and savory” with spice and citrus notes.

I will make this recipe again!



Jorge’s Tequila Factory and First Friday Art Walk

We decided to try Jorge’s Tequila Factory because the First Friday Art Walk has been recommended to us to explore and it’s in the same location for convenience. We tried the following items:

Tacos al Pastor (Barbequed pork from Guadalajara region of Mexico)

Mucho combo-chimichanga, burrito, pork

First Friday Art Walk Vancouver’s Downtown Association

The live music provided some energy and there were a number of interesting art galleries to explore!


Red Ridge Farms/Durant Vineyards/Oregon Olive Mill Summer Wine Club Member BBQ

Ah, the lazy days of summer-and, barbecues and wine! 🙂  As club members, we enjoyed the club member barbecue from a local caterer of pulled pork, strawberry shortcake, etc.  And, let’s not forget, the wine! 🙂

Red Ridge Farms is the home of Durant Vineyards and the Oregon Olive Mill.  It’s the only winery that I know of in the Willamette Valley that includes wine club levels for wine and olive oil.  I love their Arbequina olive oil (Spanish olives).  In addition to the tasting room with a gorgeous view, there is a gift shop, nursery, etc.

The following videos explore the vineyards and olive mill.