Vegetable chips and roasted hazelnuts

I set out to make Kale chips that my colleague mentioned she makes (but she didn’t give me the recipe :-(), but then I got looking at veggie chips so I decided to make them first and then venture toward the Kale chips. I had a recipe from Every Day with Rachel Ray on her Baked veggie chips and also did some research on the web and stumbled upon the following food blogs.

Oh My Veggies


They all influenced what I created, but, in the end, I was most influenced by the Oh My Veggies food blog listed above with the following adjustments to the ingredients.

2 large carrots

1-1/2 tsp. olive oil

¼ and 1/8 tsp. kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

I followed the baking instructions except that I found I needed to leave them in for closer to 15 minutes.

I intended to follow the ingredients below, however, I remembered how much I like the TERRA brand Thai basil curry vegetable chips from Whole Foods and Fred Meyer which are a blend of beets, sweet potatoes, etc.  So, I ended up trying 2 different batches. One of them was with the carrots coated with olive oil and curry powder. The other was with sweet potatoes coated with olive oil and salt.

I discovered that the “Y” peeler doesn’t peel evenly and consistently or I, as a the peeler, am not so skilled with it. So, I plan to use a mandolin slicer next time as the Rachel Ray recipe above indicates. It would allow for larger chips and they’d likely be a nice thin, even slice.

In the future, I plan to try the Glamour Carrot curry kale chips recipe.

I also made Missy Maki’s roasted nuts influenced by her radio show and food blog. They were simple to make as the recipe suggests and can be individually bagged for ease of taking to work. I LOVE roasted hazelnuts!!!!!


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