Pizza Fino

Pizza Fino is a small, Italian restaurant that we stumbled upon in the town of Kenton near the Paul Bunyan statue.  They have a wonderful wine list and delicious appetizers, pasta, and pizza.

I started out with the charcuterie and a bottle of the 2010 Barolo Reverdito (imported by Zancanella in Portland, OR) and the $38/bottle was well worth it!

Produced in the town of La Morra in the Piedmonte region of NW Italy from the Nebiollo grape.

According to Suze from Zancanella on Corkscrew wine bar’s Facebook page, Michele Reverdito only begain making wine in 2000!

She provides tasting notes and more information about the winemaker below:

“…Michele Reverdito Barbera d’Alba, Piedmont, Italy 2011
Michele Reverdito only began making wine in 2000, but in just a decade has “carved out a leading role” in the region, according to Gambero Rosso, Italy’s most highly-regarded wine publication.
Based in the village of La Morra, an area of Barolo known for producing soft, sensuous, dynamic and accessible wines, Reverdito begins with meticulous viticulture, and harvests a touch on the later side, resulting in terrifically ripe and complex fruit.
Michele believes in traditional cellar techniques, and this wine sees only large 1000L oak barrels – about five times the size of a modern barrique! – and none of the oak is new. This keeps the emphasis on the wonderful fruit and also the special terroir of La Morra.

-Intense ruby red in color, the nose is very hot, ethereal, enveloping you hear the sweet notes of jam of red fruit. In the mouth, the entry is delicate and aromatic with a development density of the structure. It has a good tannic structure with sweet, almost caramelized and a long and clean. A wine of great persistence…”

For dinner, I ordered what they are calling a “Rustico” with Italian sausage.  It contains baked elbow pasta with mushrooms, parmesan and mozzarella with creamy marinara & pesto. It was so simple, yet delicious so I’m going to have to figure out how to make it! It’s essentially elbow pasta pressed into a square pan and cut into squares with a mix of white and red sauces and the pesto on top.

The calzone with smoked mozzarella, pork sausage, and black olives looked delicious as well.  I’m looking forward to coming back soon!


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