Keralan vegetable curry (cauliflower)

I’m continuing to work through Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals and today’s dish is Keralan vegetable curry made from cauliflower.  The curried cauliflower was surprisingly flavorful.  See the recipe.

What a delicious meal! Be very careful, however, as I shopped for all of my ingredients and pulled out the recipe to start cooking and realized that I didn’t have the poppadoms that the recipe called for and I had no clue what a poppadam even is! It was quite a research project to find an East Indian market in my area that carried them. In my research I discovered that they were called by slightly different names-poppadums, papadums, and papads.  I should be embarrassed as I’d eaten pappadams just last night at Bollywood!

You might also need a specialized market for the fenugreek seeds. Or, you could order them through Penzey’s spices.

First, the cauliflower is sautéed.


Then, the delicious curry seasonings and sauces are added and cooked down.

keralan curry

The finished product includes rice and the pappadams which cook surprisingly quickly in the microwave of all places.

keralan curry


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