Vegetarian chili

I’m continuing to explore quick, inexpensive, and flavorful Jamie Oliver 15 minute recipes and next up is vegetarian chili.  This was an interesting recipe to explore as I already have an oldy goldy favorite vegetarian chili recipe over rice that is quite good, however, this one had spectacular flavor in comparison!

My original recipe is from the Better Homes and Gardens New Dieter’s Cookbook that I purchased at Costco many, many years ago.  It’s called Vegetarian chili with rice and it’s quite simple to make.  Here’s a link to the recipe at the Which Soup Tonight blog.

This Jamie Oliver 15 minute vegetarian chili includes a few more ingredients and steps, but it’s equally simple to make.  I timed it at 45 minutes from chop to done-essentially the time for the sweet potatoes to cook and to cook the other items and clean the dishes.

Each ingredient and stage in the process smelled and looked increasingly better and better.

Chopped sweet potato for baking.  (+1 fennel bulb that was sitting around)


Onions and peppers started in a pan.


Beans and tomatoes started in a pot.

chili chili

Combining everything from the pot and the pan together.

chili chili

Baked sweet potatoes and fennel added to the mix.


Similar to other one I have made for years, I adjusted a few things to my personal liking. I always add rice to my vegetarian chili for a full protein with the beans and rice.


I switched out canned tomatoes for chopped, fresh tomatoes.


For the beans, I used 1 can triblend and 1 can chickpea.

I used chili powder instead of cayenne.

Along with the cilantro, I added chopped Thai lime and chili cashews from Trader Joe’s to the top.

Instead of sea salt, I added lava sea salt from Red Ridge Farms.

I also added yogurt and shaved parmesan cheese.

I LOVE the sweet potatoes in this chili! I had a fennel bulb lying around which added more complex flavor and nutrients.


Future ideas to try:

Apple or carrot would be interesting.

Squeezed lime or zest would’ve been good too.


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