Pork steaks with Hungarian pepper sauce and rice

I’ve been exploring the Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals that I stumbled upon on TV to kickstart new flavors and start to cook and eat healthier in our household.  This recipe looked delicious watching it being quickly made on the TV show so I thought I’d try it out.  If you don’t have Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals cookbook for the recipes, the following blog posts will provide the details.

Charlotte and Jai’s Food Diary

Cooking Jamie

I didn’t have a food processor at the time of trying out this recipe so it took 15 minutes just to the vegetables down to smaller sizes to slice in my salad shooter!

It took me 30 minutes total so it could’ve been 15 minutes with a food processor!

Hungarian pork steaks

It was beautiful to see the color and smell the flavors developing as each item was added to the mix.

Hungarian pork steaks

Hungarian pork steaks

I’m not particularly much for pork, however, what a gorgeous color combination and flavor combination this dish was.

Hungarian pork steaks

It was quite a healthy combination of vegetables and fairly easy to make-with a food processor, that is. 🙂

Hungarian pork steaks

Tasting notes:

I had no paprika so I used harissa and it was just as delicious!

The fennel and bay leaves makes it almost minty!

It smelled SO good as each item was added-especially the apple and carrot and then the balsamic vinegar!

The yogurt is a nice contrast with the other flavors in the dish.


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