I’ve been working through a few Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals that I ran into by chance on TV to start to cook more healthy while including more flavorful options.

I dislike recipes with many, many ingredients as I shop once a week and I know what kinds of foods I really enjoy so I tend to buy vegetables that work in many different recipes.  This Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals exploration has helped me in my process since he cooks a lot of the kinds of foods that I like and there are very few ingredients.  It requires a focused process of having all of your items out and ready to roll!  Since I’ve been cooking in this way for a while now, I have learned that this “mise-en-place” (French for “putting in place”) is so helpful to save time during the process along with cleaning up as you go along so there isn’t a big mess at the end to clean up!  This NPR article For a more ordered life, organize like a chef provides some interesting information about mise-en-place.

Link to Kedgeree recipe

This recipe took a lot longer than I’d expected at 1 hour.  The eggs wouldn’t cook so I had to boil the fish and eggs together.


I added fresh peas to tail end of rice, but they could be frozen also.


I used halibut instead of haddox and 1 less lemon.


My special touch was to top it with crushed Thai lime and chili cashews from Trader Joe’s.  I enjoy these cashews on all kinds of salads, curries, etc.  They are an expensive bag, however, just a few chopped on top of a meal goes very far.  Yumm!


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