Smoked salmon yorkshire pudding

I’m continuing to try out Jamie Oliver recipes and next is the Smoked salmon yorkshire pudding. I have had no experience with yorkshire pudding, however, I love salmon so it looked interesting to try.  The following blogs share their experience with this recipe:

The Eva Lotta/Jamie Project blog

Figs for Jam blog

It was easier to make than I’d expected from the looks of it.

smoked salmon yorkshire pudding


smoked salmon yorkshire pudding

smoked salmon yorkshire pudding
The lox “roses” were fun to make, however, the beet salad seemed unfinished and I think it needed some crushed nuts and shaved parmesan cheese on top.  It’ll be fun to put my own stamp on it the next time I try it.


Vegetarian chili

I’m continuing to explore quick, inexpensive, and flavorful Jamie Oliver 15 minute recipes and next up is vegetarian chili.  This was an interesting recipe to explore as I already have an oldy goldy favorite vegetarian chili recipe over rice that is quite good, however, this one had spectacular flavor in comparison!

My original recipe is from the Better Homes and Gardens New Dieter’s Cookbook that I purchased at Costco many, many years ago.  It’s called Vegetarian chili with rice and it’s quite simple to make.  Here’s a link to the recipe at the Which Soup Tonight blog.

This Jamie Oliver 15 minute vegetarian chili includes a few more ingredients and steps, but it’s equally simple to make.  I timed it at 45 minutes from chop to done-essentially the time for the sweet potatoes to cook and to cook the other items and clean the dishes.

Each ingredient and stage in the process smelled and looked increasingly better and better.

Chopped sweet potato for baking.  (+1 fennel bulb that was sitting around)


Onions and peppers started in a pan.


Beans and tomatoes started in a pot.

chili chili

Combining everything from the pot and the pan together.

chili chili

Baked sweet potatoes and fennel added to the mix.


Similar to other one I have made for years, I adjusted a few things to my personal liking. I always add rice to my vegetarian chili for a full protein with the beans and rice.


I switched out canned tomatoes for chopped, fresh tomatoes.


For the beans, I used 1 can triblend and 1 can chickpea.

I used chili powder instead of cayenne.

Along with the cilantro, I added chopped Thai lime and chili cashews from Trader Joe’s to the top.

Instead of sea salt, I added lava sea salt from Red Ridge Farms.

I also added yogurt and shaved parmesan cheese.

I LOVE the sweet potatoes in this chili! I had a fennel bulb lying around which added more complex flavor and nutrients.


Future ideas to try:

Apple or carrot would be interesting.

Squeezed lime or zest would’ve been good too.

Zerba Cellars

On my way to Red Ridge Farms and Durant Vineyards, I had occasion to stumble upon Zerba Cellars in Dundee, OR.  Take note that it is Zerba and not Zebra even though there is a zebra on some of the wine labels.  It is just a tasting room since the vineyards are in the Walla Walla valley, however, it was quite a find!

While I enjoy Durant Vineyard’s pinot noirs, I tend toward bolder reds so it was a nice pleasure to run into this local resource.  I indulged in a delightful tasting flight that included Malbec, Tempranillo, and Barbera which are some of my favorites.  I was disappointed that the Nebiollo was reserved only for the wine club.  Cascade Cliffs makes a delicious Barbera, however, Zerba’s was quite good as well!

I forgot to take pictures, however, you’ll have to check it out for yourself…


Falafel wraps with grilled vegetables and salsa

I’m continuing to work through trying some of the Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals.  I’m not particularly concerned about whether it takes 15 minutes or not, but rather learning to be focused on having all of the ingredients ready to enjoy the process of making a simple, expensive, and flavorful meal and this one was a keeper!

Link to the recipe

I loved the simplicity yet deliciousness of this recipe!  The falafel balls were a nice alternative to a meat and the salsa and chili/cottage cheese sauces provided a nice flavor contrast.

I don’t often lick my fingers, however, this one was finger lickin’ good!  Oh, no, is that phrase trademarked by KFC? 😉

Falafel wraps


I’ve been working through a few Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals that I ran into by chance on TV to start to cook more healthy while including more flavorful options.

I dislike recipes with many, many ingredients as I shop once a week and I know what kinds of foods I really enjoy so I tend to buy vegetables that work in many different recipes.  This Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals exploration has helped me in my process since he cooks a lot of the kinds of foods that I like and there are very few ingredients.  It requires a focused process of having all of your items out and ready to roll!  Since I’ve been cooking in this way for a while now, I have learned that this “mise-en-place” (French for “putting in place”) is so helpful to save time during the process along with cleaning up as you go along so there isn’t a big mess at the end to clean up!  This NPR article For a more ordered life, organize like a chef provides some interesting information about mise-en-place.

Link to Kedgeree recipe

This recipe took a lot longer than I’d expected at 1 hour.  The eggs wouldn’t cook so I had to boil the fish and eggs together.


I added fresh peas to tail end of rice, but they could be frozen also.


I used halibut instead of haddox and 1 less lemon.


My special touch was to top it with crushed Thai lime and chili cashews from Trader Joe’s.  I enjoy these cashews on all kinds of salads, curries, etc.  They are an expensive bag, however, just a few chopped on top of a meal goes very far.  Yumm!

Pork steaks with Hungarian pepper sauce and rice

I’ve been exploring the Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals that I stumbled upon on TV to kickstart new flavors and start to cook and eat healthier in our household.  This recipe looked delicious watching it being quickly made on the TV show so I thought I’d try it out.  If you don’t have Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals cookbook for the recipes, the following blog posts will provide the details.

Charlotte and Jai’s Food Diary

Cooking Jamie

I didn’t have a food processor at the time of trying out this recipe so it took 15 minutes just to the vegetables down to smaller sizes to slice in my salad shooter!

It took me 30 minutes total so it could’ve been 15 minutes with a food processor!

Hungarian pork steaks

It was beautiful to see the color and smell the flavors developing as each item was added to the mix.

Hungarian pork steaks

Hungarian pork steaks

I’m not particularly much for pork, however, what a gorgeous color combination and flavor combination this dish was.

Hungarian pork steaks

It was quite a healthy combination of vegetables and fairly easy to make-with a food processor, that is. 🙂

Hungarian pork steaks

Tasting notes:

I had no paprika so I used harissa and it was just as delicious!

The fennel and bay leaves makes it almost minty!

It smelled SO good as each item was added-especially the apple and carrot and then the balsamic vinegar!

The yogurt is a nice contrast with the other flavors in the dish.