Trader Joe’s tikka maasala chicken and rice with pineapple, naan, and cilantro and jicama

I’ve long been a fan of the Trader Joe’s curry simmer sauce that goes so nicely with some sauteed chicken breast and veggies and naan. So, I thought I’d try this pre-made curry sauce that I stumbled upon at Costco.

Maya Kaimal Tikka Masala

As I’ve been venturing toward healthier, more natural, whole food cooking, starting with some shortcuts and adding fresh to it has been a great start. While I have a rice cooker, to save some time, I LOVE Village Harvest’s flash frozen red quinoa and brown rice!

It cooks in minutes in the microwave and with fresh, sauteed chicken and veggies, it was perfect!  Unfortunately, the Whole Foods near me no longer carries it and neither does New Seasons. 😦

While I sauteed the chicken breast tenders, I heated the rice and julienned the jicama. Then, I chopped the fresh pineapple and cilantro. Finally, I added the curry sauce to the chicken to warm it up and pulled out the naan (curry naan from Trader Joe’s :-)). It’s the curry version of this whole wheat naan from Trader Joe’s “Fearless flyer.”

Chicken tikka maasala

It was all quick to plate and enjoy!

Jicama is a my new favorite to go with Mexican food or salads and it was the perfect topper for vitamins and visual appeal to the plate.

Chicken tikka maasala with rice, pineappple, cilantro, jicama, and naan


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