Dragonwell bistro

My husband uncovered this Dragonwell bistro for us to explore as the family of a colleague of his runs it and he’d eaten lunch with coworkers there and thought I’d like it. It’s located downtown by Portland State University. They weren’t too terribly busy the night that we went and my husband’s colleague happened to be serving.

The ambiance was relaxing with interesting, traditional decor.

I’m not much for soup, but I mistakenly agreed to Egg flower soup while ordering and didn’t want to waste it. I did think it was good. We thought we’d try an assortment that sounded good so we ordered the following. It sure adds up quickly, but it was a nice assortment of fresh with good flavor and we were able to take leftovers home.

Champagne orange chicken with the following description:
Lightly battered white chicken tenderloin sautéed with bell peppers & onion, topped with splash of orange juice, champagne, and mandarin oranges.

House combination lo-mein with the following description:
Lo-mein with beef, chicken & shrimp.

Dried Sautéed String Beans

Steamed white rice

Dragonwell bistro

I was trying to decide what to order to drink that would be traditional and appropriately pair with Chinese food and the server said, “Do you want to be adventurous?” I said “sure” and I was delighted with the lychee martini. It was very similar to this lychee martini recipe from the Food network.




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