Brussels sprout hash with sweet potato and bacon

I apologize to have been off the grid for so long dealing with life issues. I’m excited to say that I’ve been spending some time really diving into testing out my culinary pursuits with great success! I’ve also been adventuring, but I’ll have to catch up on the reporting of them. 😦

The main driving force for my culinary pursuits has been healthier, more simple eating for my household. It’s not necessarily cheaper, however, in a round about way it is as it’s leading to having more energy and feeling generally better on a daily basis. 🙂

I enjoy the Evernote “Food” app on my iPhone as it allows me to browse a bunch of food blogs very quickly and save those that interest me.  It, along with an interest in the quick and healthy meals from Jamie Oliver, have gotten me started to explore some interesting recipes. I know what I like and so I always have to adjust it just a bit to tailor it to what I want. I might change a veggie, type of nut, fruit, etc. Isn’t that what chefs like to do? 🙂

So, using the Evernote Food app, I stumbled upon the following recipe and food blog. Upon further browsing on the blog, I found quite a few other recipes that sound interesting, however, there’s only so much time, money, and energy and I have others that I need to get to first.

Brussels sprout hash with sweet potato and bacon from Closet Cooking from 11.03

brussels sprout hash

Regarding tweaking recipes, I elected not to indulge in the kimchi option. 🙂 I’m not particularly an egg person so I opted not to put the eggs on top and had them over hard on the side instead. I also added some berries to balance it out with freshness.  Yum!

brussels sprout hash with fruit and egg


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