Oregon coast lighthouses-Coquille River Lighthouse and Bullards Beach State Park

My mom is a genealogy buff and has been wanting to visit all of the lighthouses on the Oregon coast, but particularly the Coquille River Lighthouse inside Bullards Beach State park.  Apparently, I have a relative that ran this lighthouse many years ago.  She lives out of the area so I researched it and printed out some maps and guides for the trip.  It’s quite a drive from Portland, OR almost to California with just an overnight stay!

There are lots of websites on the Oregon coast lighthouses and historical books at Powell’s bookstore, however, I found this engaging map on the Oregon state parks website to be helpful:

Below is a portion from the bottom half of the map with some brief information about the lighthouse.

Oregon coast lighthouses map

Walking up to the lighthouse, the sand and beach and seagulls were beautiful enough for a painting.

The view was breathtaking from both inside and outside of the lighthouse!

We took the tour from the main desk up the windy stairs into the lighthouse.  Those were sure interesting to trek up so they only allow a few people at a time.

Lighthouse keeper


Now, on to the other lighthouses on the coast!



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