My husband and I went to Patanegra in NW Portland.  It was our 2nd time, but equally good as last time!  (see 8.12.12 blog post)  We knew we wanted to try the paella this time so we reined ourselves in on tapas. 🙂  The Mencia red wine paired nicely with everything.

We started out with Pan con tomate which we had last time and it was equally as good.  What a delicious combination of bread, serrano ham, and tomato spread!  We then indulged in regular ole bread with olive oil while waiting for our paella.  Did I say regular ole olive oil?  Well, not really.  The olive oil was absolutely delicious with a bold flavor.  It reminded us of the “grassy” taste of the Arbequina olive oil from Oregon Olive Mill/Durant Vineyard/Red Ridge Farms which comes from olive trees from Spain.  This website is quite informative about the olive trees and oils from the various regions of Spain.

The paella was even more spectacular than we were imagining.  Neither of us are heavy seafood eaters and not big fans of the traditional seafood paella-even though we’ve had some delicious ones in Spain.  So, we opted for an interesting sounding option called Paella Carnicera.  It included chorizo and serrano ham along with a sausage called morcilla.  It’s quite a dark sausage with amazing flavor.  It reminds me of a Spanish version of the most flavorful Italian sausage.

Finally, for dessert we had the Crema Catalana.  It had amazing flavor!  It was a type of creme brulee, however, it was a bit lighter and smoother and had notes of vanilla and orange.  We will definitely be back again for more!


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