Bar Lolo

Bar Lolo

My husband and I stumbled upon Bar Lolo when shoe shopping one day on Alberta St.  What a great, cozy find!  We are always up for Spanish tapas and this was a funky little place.  It was nicely located on a corner next to a theater and other shops and restaurants.  We liked the ambiance with a rustic stab of wood with wine bottles on it referred to as the wine wall as well as the small tables sprinkled throughout.  We arrived a bit before the rush which provided the opportunity to ask a bit more about the Spanish red wines and the tapas.

Bar Lolo

We started out with the tried, but true tortilla espanola.  The espelette pepper added a nice bite to it.  Of course, you must always have some olives while indulging in tapas.  We followed it with the grilled chicken skewers.  What an amazing combination of flavors!  The moorish spices were a nice contrast with the sweet sherry syrup.  We wrapped up the experience with their potato chips with sea salt and fried herbs (Rosemary, etc.).  It was a nice, simple, crisp finish.

Salt and herb potato chips

The service was consistently good throughout.  We will definitely be back to try some other dishes!


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