Simple Life-Asian Eye scarves

Simple Life-Asian Eye scarves

I’ve been waiting to visit Seattle so I could check out Simple Life downtown by the Pike Place Market.  They are one of the larger Asian Eye scarf retailers in the area. Their blog is updated frequently with information on their new items.

I was not at all disappointed.  The selection they had was tremendous although many were scarves that I’ve already purchased or I would’ve snapped them right up!  My current favorite is Bandhani scarves in spiral type of patterns.

They had a gorgeous brown silk bandhani shawl, but I never have occasion to dress up so I have no need for a shawl.  It would have been beautiful as a smaller scarf as well.

I really considered the options and what was similar to what I already had and what I needed.  Most of my scarves are lighter silk so I considered the wool options they had.  I have to be careful with wool as I tend to get hot too easily, but they had a gorgeous lighter wool scarf that I just couldn’t pass up.  The pattern reminds me a lot of Japanese style artwork with the striking leaves and apple blossoms.  It was perfect timing with the cold winter wind that day.

Asian eye scarf

I also had to purchase this whispy brown scarf as I’d seen one similar to it at Oxalis in Portland, OR a few months ago, but it was much too bright of a color for me and I had wished that it was brown instead and here it was!  It will be light enough for spring and also warm enough for fall/winter.

Asian Eye scarf

I now have a nice mix for all occasions with blue, taupe, grey, brown, etc.


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