Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

Pike place market

Who doesn’t love the Pike Place Market?  There is something for everyone in the liveliness of downtown Seattle.  I was in the area for the King Tut exhibit (the last time in the U.S.) which provided a great opportunity to spend a few hours at the market.

The 1st stop was at the famous Pike Place Fish Market where they are known for throwing the fish from the floor to package it for the customer.  They are quite good!  The salmon “jerky” is quite good and a little goes a long way.

Pike place fish market

The next stop was Raven’s Nest Treasure with quite a selection of Native American artwork.  Some of the silver jewelry from the Haida tribe in Vancouver, BC was beautiful.

Then, Simply the best to sample some beet, mixed veggie, and baked apple crisp chips.  They were all delicious.

The next stop was Market spice.  They had a nice selection of teas and spices including Harissa which I purchased.

Finally, lunch at Pike place chowder.  There are many excellent chowder places in Seattle including Duke’s, however, this my very favorite.  It’s tucked away in a little alley in the middle of the market.  It’s always packed.  The salmon chowder is always a great choice and it can be ordered with or without a bread bowl.  It’s even more delicious when enjoyed with my husband. 🙂  Of course, you can see the evidence of the Starbucks coffee that originated at the Pike Place Market.

Pike place chowder


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