Hudson’s Bar and Grill/Heathman Lodge

Hudson’s Bar and Grill/Heathman Lodge

Hudson’s Bar and Grill at the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, WA is one of my very favorite restaurants.  My husband and I are friends with one of the managers and have been impressed with the consistently expert service from the servers and delicious food from the chefs.  It’s a great place to go to celebrate any event or just to enjoy the holiday season.  They tend to be quite busy during the month of December so make sure you have reservations!

The ambiance adds to the excellent service and delicious food.  There is a cozy fireplace that sits between the dining room and the lounge area.  It’s rustic with wrought iron light fixtures and northwest artwork.  Some evenings there is a pianist.  You can see the cozy ambiance via the photo rotator on the Hudson’s Bar and Grill website.

On my recent visit, I tried out a new menu item-the pan seared Idaho trout.  It came with bacon lentils and cucumber and watercress salad.  It was a wonderful juxtaposition of flavors with the hearty lentils and the soothing salad.

In the last 3 years Hudson’s has been avidly pursuing sustainable practices with their efforts with local farms as well as recycling practices.  They are considered one of the top 100 green companies to work for by the Oregon business magazine and the 2010 business generator recycler of the year by the Washington state recycling association.

I didn’t indulge tonight, but I often indulge in bar tender Julie’s delicious Spanish coffee.  Check out her process in this YouTube video clip.  The only thing missing is her famous “HL” for Heathman Lodge in nutmeg or cinnamon on top of the whipped cream.


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