Coffee fair at World Forestry Center

Coffee fair at World Forestry Center

Coffee fair

This event was one that we stumbled upon when looking for events in the Portland area.  It was held at the World Forestry Center by the Oregon Zoo.  We missed the cupping event as we didn’t have an agenda of what was going on and when.  So, we attended the Home brew workshop by Marcus Young of Central City Concern’s coffee roasting social enterprise.  It was a couple of hours and very informative on making delicious coffee using many simple devices including the aeropress, clever dripper, chemex, etc.  Clive Coffee was mentioned as a great resource.  We’ve not yet been able to go check it out, but we plan to soon.  We purchased an aeropress and it was quite good coffee, but too many details and pieces to deal with so we’ll stick with our french press.

We then browsed through the vender stands and found the following to be of the most interest:

Dovetail coffee roasters

We sampled a couple of coffees and purchased a bag of the Tanzania peaberry.  Here are the tasting notes from the website:

“…Tanzania Peaberry is a bright and rich coffee, medium body with a delicate acidity, and some hints of wine…”

It was interesting to look at the map they had of the coffee growing regions and think about the influence of the soil and weather on the natural flavors of the coffee.

Barista bath and body

Salt body scrub

The “one lump or two” Coffee and sea salt body scrub smelled so delicious with the ground coffee and peppermint scent.  I will enjoy using it in the shower!

9 bar espresso

We tasted the New Guinea peaberry which was very smooth.  Here are the tasting notes from their website: “… New Guinea Peaberry Kimel Estate has a dense body and is malty and aromatic with an earthly complex finish…”


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