Maryhill winery (Goldendale, WA) and the Columbia gorge

Maryhill winery (Goldendale, WA) and the Columbia gorge

I haven’t ever ventured out to the Columbia gorge and my husband and I were on our way to Skamania Lodge so we thought we’d go farther east and explore Maryhill winery and the views.  We wish we had taken I-84 (multi lane freeway) on the Oregon side as State route 14 on the Washington side was a pretty meandery 2 lane road with very slow drivers in front of us the whole way. 😦  It added a significant amount of time to our trip.  At the same time, the views were absolutely amazing of the Columbia River on the entire drive.  It was amazing to see the landscape change from the west side to rocky slate type cliffs and pine trees and sagebrush.  It would make some amazing paintings with a palette knife!

rocky cliffs

The winery was much busier than we’d expected and it was challenging to get a place at the tasting room bar to taste the wine and also lines for purchasing our picnic lunch. I had the “Reserve Flight” tasting of approximately 5 Reserve wines.  Chardonnay, I can’t recall the 2nd one, Syrah, Barbera, and Zinfandel.  I was prepared to like the Syrah and the Zinfandel as these robust, red wines tend to be my favorites, however, the Barbera (which is a wine I’ve never had before) was quite good.  It’s not as strong as Syrah or Zinfandel, but also not as light as a Rose and it has a bit of a bite at the finish like a less sweet Rose.  We bought a bottle for later that night.

Check out the Maryhill winery website for information about their concerts on the well groomed amphitheater lawn.


We enjoyed our picnic lunch of meat, cheese, bagel crisps, and wine/root beer/water from the terrace overlooking the gorge.

picnic lunch



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