Cedarbrook lodge nestled in behind SeaTac airport

Cedarbrook lodge nestled in behind SeaTac airport

What an amazing find!  This is the 2nd year that my friend and I have stayed at Cedarbrook lodge when we have gotten together in the Seattle area.  She lives in Vancouver, BC and I in Portland, OR and Seattle is always a great spot to explore. 🙂  This lodge was a better price last year when there was no charge for parking ($12 per vehicle this year), but it’s quite an oasis just next to the bustling activity of SeaTac airport.  The slideshow on the homepage of the Cedarbrook lodge website provide some great photos of their food and lodging areas.

There are miles of gorgeous walking trails to explore and the food is quite good.  This is the view of the lush greenery around the walks from my room.

window view

Additionally, there are snacks and a lounging area in each of the buildings.

Last year the restaurant and bar were amazing, however, this year we were turned away for not having a reservation despite a fairly empty restaurant so we went elsewhere.  There are many delicious eating spots at the nearby Southcenter Mall just 1 exit north on I5 as well as in the SeaTac area.  Duke’s Chowder House at Southcenter Mall was where we went.  They always have delicious pasta, burgers, salads, etc.  Oh, and, of course, their chowder. 🙂  They are located throughout Seattle-mostly where there are gorgeous views such as Lake Union, Alki, and Green Lake.


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