Oregon zoo

We have lived in Portland for over 11 years and have not ever been to the Oregon zoo.  We are looking forward to checking out the concerts at the zoo this summer.  Hopefully we’ll have some non rainy weather.

There were fascinating animals throughout the African and Asian parts of the zoo.  We are saving the Northwest for another visit.  Likely it will be in August when Pink Martini will be there for a concert!

We particularly enjoyed the zebra (brown and white not black and white) and giraffe.

zebra  giraffe

One of the hippos accommodated our interest by opening up its mouth to show off its teeth.


We were enthralled with the polar bears.  This was partly because they were such varying sized-extra large and “small” and partly because it was mesmerizing to watch the larger one swim back and forth doing laps as if training for a triathlon while looking thoroughly peaceful.  We also couldn’t figure out the neurotic, repetitive behavior of the smaller one.  He was walking forward and then backward in one short area.  Was it to obtain more food since they had just been fed?  Was it due to boredom?  Was it some type of communication between the bears?  There was a sign outside of their area that commented about this very behavior and that it’s not known what causes it.

polar bear


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